Product Description: Hempseed Oil is pressed, virgin, and unrefined. Hemp (cannabis sativa L.) was already cultivated in China well over 6,000 years ago and widely spread in Europe since 8th century BC. Hemp cultivation in Europe and America was a domain of classical farming before the World Wars. The more than four meter high stalks produce long and strong fabrics. The seeds contain around 26-35% oil which is of brownish-yellow, green-yellow, or dark-yellow with a seedy mild and slightly hay-like odor and taste. The oil is purely mechanically pressed at low temperatures and in a final step mechanically filtered. There is no after treatment (deodorization, refining).

° Considered to be one of the most nutritional of oils
° Adds a sightly nutty and crispy taste to foods
° The perfect salad oil
° Great addition to already cooked foods
° Used in cosmetic and bodycare products
° Contains both Omega-6 & Omega-3

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