RBD Palm Oil (36-39)
Palm oil is the most traded vegetable oil in the world today. Having a naturally semi solid charcteristic at room temperature with a specific origin melting point between 36°C to 39°C, it does not require hydrogenation for use as a food ingredient. With a balanced ratio of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids it results in an edible oil that is suitable for use in a variety of food applications.
RBD Palm Oil is used in the production of margarine, confectionary fats, cooking oil and in the milk industry for the production of sour cream, cheese, cream cheese spread, condensed milk and for the production of other food products.

RBD Palm Oil
RBD = Refined Bleached & Deodorised
RBD palm oil is a light yellow liquid or semi-solid at room temperature, melting to clear
yellow liquid on slightly heating. It is obtained by refining Crude Palm Oil.
RBD palm oil is used by major food industries such as, instant noodles, snack foods
and others for frying . Others food industries, such as, margarines, shortenings, ice
cream, condensed milk, vanaspati, soap, etc.
Free Fatty Acid (As Palmitic) : 0.1% Max
Moisture & Impurities : 0.1% Max
Iodine Value (Wijs) : 50-55
M. Pt. degree C (AOCS Cc 3-25) : 33-39
Colour (5 ¼” Lovibond cell) : 3 Red Max
Remarks : RBD = Refined Bleached & Deodorised

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